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Got my hands on the board for cheap and it was downhill from there..
Bossman said I can run some rigs at work for folding, they were using some terrible AIO as a service manual machine so I donated my 3570 rig which gave me an excuse to build this!
Built this rig so I could pass my older work machine to the guys at the shop who were using some all in one... Needless to say they were grateful.
Should pull over 1,000,000 points per day on a good day.
Got lucky. Repasted the GTX 1080 with conductonaut, dropped avg temps by 15c. Core I7 de/relidded with a RockIT copper heat spreader and LM thermal paste in and out. Again, dropped avg. temps by around 15c. Running 4.6Ghz @ 1.24 vdc. While crunching
Asus Rampage V-10 W/ EK Full cover Block 6950X Radeon VII 8x8GB GS 3200c14 @ 3400c13 Samsung 950 Pro 2xSSD Raid 0 (W7) 6TB Stroage CaseLabs Mercury Aquacomputer AQ6 D5/AQ res with water fall 2x 360 Rads (case mounted) Koolance ERM-3K3U External Rad/Pump
Bunch of old stuff I've been playing with for years.
Rig dedicated to data science and machine learning...but should do well in gaming / programming too :)
My 24/7 folding rig. GPUs have changed over time, from a pair of Furys to one 960 and one 980. I expect further changes later down the road. Quite a few parts are old and reused from a previous build, hence the prices.
I have recently bought two poweredge 2900 servers and am using them to fold 24/7
Two computers, built with the same purpose in mind. Will add both PC's parts to this list. See the description tab to see how the parts are distributed.