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Water-cooled 4090 build featuring EKWB components
Some deep orange rbg love
This is my first open loop build, it took a long time to complete due to medical issues.
Ten year old rig, it keeps going.
Still using the case from my 2008 HP Pavilion prebuilt.
Still in my favorite 011d mini, 4090 and 13th gen beast.
Watercooled the RAM because Samsung B-Die @ 1.51v 3800 CL14 is rather toasty, and won't do CL14 without active cooling.
Got my favorite air cooling case, and went for max upgrade path.
Tuned to be as quiet as possible during gaming. Fans running between 700 and 900 RPM. Stressed max 1100 RPM.
Overbuilt Asus fanboy gaming rig
This is my in-desk pc case/table i built during my parental leave last year over about 7 months. Its nothing fancy tech-wise, but a really fun project
Gaming PC for HP Reverb G2 VR Gaming
Shoving a huge GPU into a small case
"A toxin or other foreign substance which induces an immune response in the body, especially the production of antibodies"
Raptor Lake + Z790 + DDR5 + Ampere
Black and white with a dash of red.
Built to be a reasonable gaming machine late 2019.