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Still working on finishing up the tubing on this as of 2020-05-05 (this thing has taken about 20x as long as expected to put together). No pictures yet. Not all components have been added, quite a few still need to be entered.
Don't currently have any up-to-date pictures of this, sorry! Will try to take some soon.
Water-cooled Hackintosh. 16mm. stainess steel tubing. Modded Ozmosis Bios. duel booting windows10 and mac os: Case Modded Phanteks Evolve TG: Cpu: 4770k. Gpu:Msi vega56: Ek water blocks and Pump combo. Front rad:Alphacool 120mmx360mm x 45mm. Top rad: mag
Back in the day, I had a Mac Plus, and when it finally died I wanted so badly to convert it to an aquarium. More recently, I acquired a Mac Mini (the taller, narrower pre 2010 form factor), and have been running it since (folding from within my home netw
Worklog: http://forum.benchmark.pl/topic/172364-projekt-atland-mile-widziana-pomoc/