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Rig used mainly for HTPC :PSo I have a lot of old gear paired with a lot of new gear... so for prices I will use direct replacement cost for an equivalent part. I am writing this at the end of June 2020 and that is the prices I will be using.QB
My first NAS build. Has 10gb networking, 12TB of RAID 10 HDD storage, and can boot windows in case I wanna swap out the network card for a GPU and have someone over who wants to game. I am using it for Plex and backups. Does 350MB/s read/write, with writ
This is my old i7 rig that primarily acts as my Plex box and occasionally do some gaming (GTA V is the latest I've played on it). I recently transplanted the i7 920 (that served me well for almost a decade) with a Xeon X5670. Also added 8GB more RAM. A
Ryzen 5 1600 3.8GHz (Stock Cooler) --- ASRock B350 Pro4 --- 16GB DDR4 3000mhz CL15 --- PNY GT 210 (Temporary)
PLEX w. hardware transcoding using GTX 770, with 16GB memory set as a scratch drive for transcoding to avoid killing SSD too quickly.
This build is primary for a Plex server, completely overkill! but I use it for rendering, ripping and editing stuff as well. Future Upgrades Add 2x6TB HDD's Switch MB to ROG CH6 (because I am giving current MB to brother) Switch ram
This is the box I built to replace the Mark IIII. AMD is back, baby!
two 360 monstra radiators, 250mm reservoir, and two D5 strong pumps.