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New build - just need a GPU to finish it
Workstation for programming, VMs, video editing, some gaming, and daily use
Cheapest Stable Max Performance MacPro 2013 (non-gaming, non-3D rendering to bypass expensive external GPU) 4K video and multitrack audio editor. Even compared benchmarks between the top MacPro intel i7 and i9 configurations and saw no major advances.
WRAITH (an Alienkiller)
9980XE (1.27v) -> 9990XE (1.42v) -> 10980XE (1.25v)
Leaps and bounds above my 8350 build I ran for 7 years. Hopefully this build lasts me another 7+.
Custom air cooled desk PC
It all started with a bargain offer of a TT Core P3 case... and ended in insanity!
My first build. At least in the ship of theseus sense. But also very much rly. (7 months old)
A return to AMD after a brief turn to Intel!
Personal build to get rid of my Devils Canyon
Scrapyard-wars grade pre-build saved from the landfill
Intel Core i9-10900kf