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Unraid Server with Windows VM
My New X299 Gaming Rig (finished)
FreeNAS 11.3 OS server operating as a NAS with redundancy. The ZFS file system provides checksums and self-heals and is simply the best file system there is for data integrity currently. The hardware is a server platform based on Xeon architecture and the
VM Server meant to host a variety of different server duties.
This PC was built to use as a game server
Good old X58 Server Rig as a backup gaming rig.
PCPartpicker: https://pcpartpicker.com/user/xOperator/saved/F8djyc Some more pics: https://imgur.com/a/6pBsxvS
Quick and dirty rig using some new and old parts. Eventually I will be upgrading the mobo for more processors and ram. But for now this is a quick build.
This is my main HomeLab/Nas Server. It has ESXI where i bypass the HPE 440 Sas controller to a Windows Server 2019 installation. In there i use Storage Spaces with Tiering and deduplication with 1TB Write Cache from the 4x256GB Adata m2.disks that are on
I wanted a PC that has ECC and is better suited to my computer needs and wants. It's become my ultimate PC. The best I have ever built.
VMWare ESXI Host running A Debian webserver with Nextcloud as well as a few sandbox VMs
The NAS box I use for streaming, storing data, and VMs.
This rig is used for software development (.NET) and for digital art, it's primarily a Hyper-V server that has images for each concern.
It gets used for everything. Folding, gaming in Surround, home network server, learning Linux, benching, and so on.