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General Information

Ryzen 9 3950x
Manufacturer: AMD
Core Speed: 4.5 GHz
Bus Speed: 100MHz
Multiplier: 45x
Voltage: 1.23vV
Idle Temperature: 38c (Room Temp 28c - I Live in Las Vegas, NV, even with the Air on my room Ambient is still on the warmer side)
Load Temperature: 84c (Room Temp 28c)
Cost: $750
ASUS Crosshair VII Hero
Cost: $280
EVGA 1080ti FTW3 Hybrid
Manufacturer: Nvidia
Memory: 11 GBytes
Core / Graphics Clock: 2088 MHz
Memory Clock: 12.03 GHz
Cost: $950
G.SKILL Flare X Series 32GB (4 x 8GB) 3200Mhz (PC4 25600) - F4-3200C14D-16GFX (x2 Kits)
Size: 32 GBytes
Count: 4
Channels: Dual
Speed: 3200Mhz
Voltage: 1.36vV
Refresh Cycle Time (tRFC): 14
Command Rate (CR): 1
Frequency: 3400MHz
Comment: These are 2 Kits of the 2x16GB Flare X Kits, Overclocked to 3400Mhz, Running with 14-14-14-14-34-48-256 Timings
Cost: $420
Hard Drive
Samsung 970 Pro 512GB
Capacity: 512 GBytes
Count: 1
Comment: Boot Drive
Cost: $240
Samsung 970 Evo 1TB
Capacity: 1 TBytes
Count: 1
Comment: Scratch Drive (For Mixing, Editing, Rendering, and Anything I need a Fast Disk For)
Cost: $480
Samsung 850/860 Evo (x3 Raid 0 Game Drive)
Capacity: 500 GBytes
Count: 3
Comment: 1.5TB Game Drive
Cost: $450
WD Black 4TB (x2 Raid 0 Storage Drive)
Capacity: 4 TBytes
Count: 2
Comment: 8TB Local Storage Array (Gets automatically backed up to Server over 10Gbe)
Cost: $240
860 Evo
Capacity: 1 TBytes
Count: 2
Comment: Virtual Machine Array Drive (Fast Storage for the Increasing Number of VM's I have to Maintain For Work)
Cost: $320
Optical Drive
LG Blu-Ray Burner (Model BH16NS40)
Comment: I don't know what all the Hate of Optical Media is For, I love My Bluray Burner
Cost: $90
5.25" to One 3.5" and One 2.25" Bay (Model Syba SY-MRA55006)
Comment: Tool-less Cage-Less Hot Swap Bay for Quick SSD and Full Size Hard Drive Insertion
Cost: $35
Operating System
Windows 10 Enterprise
Cost: $200
Samsung NU8000 55Inch TV (Its a 4k TV But I run in it 1440p 120hz)
Refresh Rate: 120Hz
Latency: 9.7ms
Comment: I use this TV as My Main Monitor when Operating Rig from my Recliner. This TV does 1440p at 120hz Natively at incredibly low input lag for a TV.
Cost: $950
LG 1080p 34 Inch Diplay
Refresh Rate: 120Hz
Latency: 5ms
Comment: I have 2 Of These Monitors, the picture is duplicated to both, One Sits on my Desk, the other is below My TV, so when Sitting at my Recliner I have a Second Monitor to use, and then when sitting at my desk I have a main Monitor to use, while using the TV as my secondary Monitor.
Cost: $400
Corsair k70 RGB Lux Mk2
Comment: Cherry MX Browns
Cost: $180
Logitech G700s
Comment: My Favorite Mouse Ever
Cost: $120
Razer Vespula V2
Cost: $40
Custom Built 7.1 Surround System
Comment: Mix of JBL, Yamaha and Polk Monitors
Cost: $950
HT-Omega eClaro 7.1 Sound Card
Cost: $300
Focusrite Scarlett 18i20
Cost: $500
Old Jonesbo Case
Temperature: 32c (25c Room Ambient Temp) Celsius
Comment: Old Jonesbo Case that I have had since 2009 That I keep Modding to fit my Upgrade Needs (I Like having Side Intake to cool VRM, Raid Card, and 10Gbe Card)
Cost: $80
EKWB Phoenix 360mm Modular Cooler
Comment: One 360 Rad
Cost: $200
280mm Alphacool UT60
Cost: $100
280mm EKWB Coolstream CE
Cost: $85
Optimus Foundation AM4 CPU Block
Cost: $120
x2 Corsair Pump/Res Combo
Cost: $300
EKWB Acrylic 1080ti FTW Block
Cost: $140
Aquaero 6xt
Cost: $200
Aquantia 10Gb NIC
Cost: $100
LSI 9211-8i
Comment: Using Mostly as HBA Card to Get me extra SATA Ports for all my Drives
Cost: $110
Oculus Rift HMD
Comment: Plus 3 Sensors and the Touch Controllers
Cost: $750
10 ML120 + 6 ML140 Corsair Maglev Fans
Comment: This allows me to run my Rig Almost Completely Silent while still maintaining a Good amount of Airflow
Cost: $245
Phanteks Halo aRGB LUX x5
Comment: To Turn 5 of my Corsair ML120 Fans into RGB Fans
Cost: $100
Power Supply
Corsair RM1000i
Wattage: 1000w
Rating: 80 Plus Gold
Cost: $200
This is my Personal Entertainment and Work PC. She is by no means the Prettiest Build ever, far from it. She uses a case from the Early 2010's, She is Modded to all hell, with a Huge Radiator Strapped on TOP of her, with Holes Drilled on the Top for the Tubing to go through, most people I am sure would find this Build Quite Ugly, but I LOVE HER! Because of my Work, I believe it or not still require 5.25" Drive Bays, One for my Blueray Burner That I still use to Burn Discs for my Older Clients, and One For My Hard Drive Dock, so I can just slide in a Clients Internal 3.5" OR 2.5" drive into and get right to work.

This is the one I come home to every day, kick back in the recliner, and get on to Game, Watch TV, Youtube, and Work. When taking on Mixing Contracts, I NEVER submit a Finished Mix in the Studio before coming home with it, allowing my self to relax and ears to reset, and then throwing it on this Rig, which is setup in my own Home Kick Back Studio, These are Speakers I grew up with, so I know them the best, and I know if I need to make tweaks to the mix on when Played on this system.

This Computer has changed throughout the years, but the Audio Setup always stays the same, But I have to say this RIG with the 3950x has to be my favorite and most powerful. My day job is as a Consultant for Small to Mid Size Businesses for their Enterprise Solutions for Networking and Server Infrastructure. I do a lot of work from home, and this also is the system I do that on. And then on the Weekends, I let my self Binge Game, so this system handles that too!

So for me, she doesn't have to be pretty, although I have dressed her up with some modern RGB, she just needs to get my work and Play done, and she does this nicely!

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WOW it looks like it came out of a MAD MAX movie :D
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