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Unlocked 6-core AMD Phenom-II 1100T black edition overclocked to 3.9 GHz on an Asus MB, 16G of DDR3 at 2GHz, 90G SSD boot & s/w drive, 2 striped 1TB HDDs, all drives SATA III, touch monitor, Win 7/64, and an o/c'd GeForce 470 that I only use for second life because I hate 3D game violence (SL name Faye Paine. Find me and lets play!)

I use an 8G ramdrive for the system paging and temp files, and for downloads which I delete after installing. Porn vids also go to the ramdrive until I evaluate them, and most are deleted. Zip files never get to the HDD zipped. All of this prevents HDD fragmentation and speeds disk I/O waaaay up. Ramdrive for paging obviates MS crappy mem management and also makes the sys much faster, especially during boot. No case, so I can get into it easily and to avoid the 10ºC penalty in ambient. Plus, I can aim a serious fan at it, not those wimpy 12V toy fans. REAL hackers don't use a case.

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