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General Information

AMD 8120
Core Speed: 5000mhz
Voltage: 1.6vV
FX 8350
Core Speed: 5000mhz
Voltage: 1.56vV
7970 CFX
Core / Graphics Clock: 1200mhz
Comment: AIO water cooled
680 SLI
Comment: AIO water cooled
FX was ment to be good but it wasnt.
FX 8120 Was bought on release day. AIO loop on it and I got it to 4.7ghz
Used Gigabyte UD3 mobo from 1090T build.
Switched to proper EK custom loop got 5ghz on 1.6v load temps low 50c.
Died 2013 (just wouldnt turn on one day stuck on black screen with fans going)
Bought Sabertooth 2.0 mobo thinking may have been mobo dead since it had LLC issues with voltage dipping to 1.54v.
Still same issue, Bought a 8350 to replace it.

Retired rig 2014 and got a Intel 5820K.
Gifted to brother who ran it on same settings until 2017 when it stopped posting like the 8120 had before it.
Saber tooth board sold on, VRM got smoked by a 1100t by new owner, Gave him UD3 board as replacement, Still running to this day as far as I know.

Rig Information

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