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Opteron 6172 (4P), Opteron 6174 (4P), Opteron 6174, Opteron 6176 (4P), I7 870 (low power, 4-core, 8-thread)
Core Speed: various default & OC GHz
Idle Temperature: I don't know Celsius
Supermicro H8QGL-iF, (2X) Supermicro H8QGi+-F, Supermicro H8QGL-6/iF, ASRock P55 Deluxe
GTX 670 (main computer), onboard Matrox 200 (4P Folders)
Main, 16GB DDR3 2133 (Socket 1150); 4P Folders, 64GB DDR3 1600 or 32GB DDR3 1600 or 1333 (Socket G34)
Hard Drive
different for each comuter - SSD and multiple SATA HDDs
Optical Drive
I really don't think people care, do they?
Operating System
Folders, Ubuntu 12.04; main rig, Windows 8.1 (1) (+ Start8 and Windowblinds) on the Intel box, Linux (Ubuntu 12.04) on the G34 AMD systems
main rig, dual 24", 1920X1200 (no letter box for me!)
CM Stacker 830, CM HAF 932, CM HAF X,Rocketfish/Lian Li, all highly modified; 1 X 4P running without case, open, on a platform I built
Main, Megahalems (I7 4970 K, "Devil's Canyon"); 4Ps, each 4 X Hyper 212+, custom mounts
Power Supply
750W-1000W Enermax, Seasonic, Corsairs (4P computers)
Socket G34, 4P, Opteron 6172, Magny Cours, overclocked
Socket G34, SuperMicro, 4P, Opteron 6174, Magny Cours, overclocked
Socket G34, 4P, Supermicro, Opteron 6174/6176 (2X each), overclocked
Socket G34, 4P, Supermicro, Opteron 6174, overclocked

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