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4790k @4.7GHz/1.296v
Manufacturer: intel
Core Speed: 4.4 GHz
Multiplier: 44x
Cost: $300.00
Maximus VI Hero
Cost: $179.99
EVGA 980 Ti SC
Manufacturer: nvidia
Memory: 2 GBytes
Core / Graphics Clock: 1201 MHz
Cost: $1359.96
16GB G.SKILL TridentX 2133MHz/C9
Cost: $92.58
Hard Drive
Crucial M550 512GB
Cost: $169.99
WD 1TB & 2TB Black
Cost: $74.99
Optical Drive
Asus DRW-24B1ST
Cost: $19.99
Operating System
Win 10
Cost: $99.99
Cost: $0.00
Raptor K30
Cost: $59.99
Raptor M40
Cost: $39.99
Razer Sphex
Cost: $14.99
Logitech Z623
Cost: $118.99
Sound Blaster Z
Cost: $119.99
Cost: $59.99
Cost: $0.00
H110 Push/Pull
Cost: $99.99
4 x Noctua NF-A14 iPPC-2000 PWM (top)
Cost: $119.80
2 x Cougar 14CM Red LED (front)
Cost: $27.98
Corsair AF140 Red LED (rear)
Cost: $16.99
Corsair AF120 Quiet Edition (bottom)
Cost: $14.78
Logitech F710
Cost: $0.00
ROG SLI 2-Way Bridge
Cost: $34.64
Power Supply
Cost: $217.50

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Two questions, I love your rig it looks nice with some good components and a great look with solid cable management. I currently have 2 650ti boost sc in sli and I have a few different drives and am looking for a case for good cable management, which looks classy, and is easy to work. Wanted to know if you are recommending this case? also how is the corsair liquid cooling unit? because I need some better cooling solutions other than air. The case I currently am using is a cm haf 922, and it was on sale I do not care for the looks of it so much but it does have nice features for the price point.
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If I were looking for a case right now, I'd go with Corsair 750D since its newer, but 650D is still a nice case. The H110 or H100i is ok, but if you want extreme cpu cooling, I'd look into custom loop.
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Yeah I know that when it comes to extreme cooling custom loops is where you want to go as far as direction, and maybe someday when I have the money to drop and the skill to do so I will. Now, I think the h100i is enough of an improvement that I need for at least now, and I think the 650d is a bit more in my budget as far as saving, and I be honest I am actually considering the 540 air, and seeing about putting a liquid cooling unit in that oddly dimensioned mid tower(which I happen to love the aesthetics and features that chassis has) I had seen a video on youtube from someone a computer enthusiasts that had put a custom loop which actually had some led fluid in the clear/transparent colored tubes, and the guy whom seemed to know his chassis and recommended it as a good 150 usd and under buy. I am currently looking into your case a couple lian li chassis and the 540 air as my options to save up for with a better fan option and also better cable management while having enough space for my components. thanks for the reply and feedback it was appreciated. Happy holidays.
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