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Laptop died so I bought this steal off of KSL.com

RAM-6GB @ 667mhz
GPU-8600GT 256mb (going to uograde to an hd 6570lp)

-dvd burner
-wireless internet adapter
-250GB 7200 RPM hard drive(sata 2)
-windows 7 ultimate 64bit installed
-microsoft office 2007 ent. installed

All this for $170. Similar systems were running for at least $250, usually closer to $350. It isn't very upgradeable due to the ddr2 memory, LGA 775 socket, and measly PSU but it will suffice until I can build my own rig. The Q6600 processor alone make this rig worth the $170. I'll get to try out overclocking for the first time as well(hopefully the motherboard supports it but I doubt it). While all of this isn't very amazing it is quite the step up from my laptop. The CPU is 2-3x more powerful and it has 3x the ram at a faster speed. Should serve me well for at least 2-3 years if nothing fails and I hope to build my own rig within 1-2 years. Sweet deal.

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