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i7-3770k (Graphics 4000 Enabled)...Lucid?...not such a good idea in many cases!!!
Asus - Sabertooth z77...(it's ok, nothing more than that!)
Corsair Vengeance - 1600/16G/XMP - ( memory, anything more than 1600 for desktop use is a waste...put you're cash on something else!)
Antec - High Current Pro - 1200W...(solid PSU...AMEN!)
EVGA GTX - 570/SLI...(runs anything you throw at em!...clocked by the way, 850 stable!)
CoolerMaster - Hyper 212 Evo
NZXT - 410 Phantom (Black) with a Kenmore Air Conditioner for cooling...water cooling just ain't enough and my place is nice and cool at the same time! I removed the IHS and applied some MX-4...10% difference and the Air Conditioner just cools the CPU to like 18 Celsius full load...I did the same for my 570's...the temps are so low it's disgusting!
...as for the rest of my Rig...I'm not done spending yet.

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