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General Information

Intel Core2 Duo T7200
Manufacturer: intel
Core Speed: 2000 MHz
Bus Speed: 166.67MHz
Multiplier: 12x
Rated FSB: 666.67MHz
Voltage: 1.25V
L1 Data Cache: 64KBytes
L1 Instruction Cache: 64KBytes
Level 2 Cache: 4096 KBytes
Cost: $23
Mobility Radeon XPress 200
2GB Micron DDR2
Size: 2048 MBytes
Count: 2
Channels: 2
Speed: 533
Cost: $10
Hard Drive
Seagate Momentus XT 500GB
Capacity: 500 GBytes
Cost: $59
Optical Drive
stock DVD/CDR
Operating System
Windows XP Pro x64 Edition
Realtek HD Audio
Older lappy that I personally refurbed and significantly upgraded. This had a 1.46 GHz Celeron and a broken screen when it was given to me. I replaced the dead screen with a donor from a dying Everex C7 laptop, replaced the worn-out CPU fan and damaged keyboard with NOS units, upgraded to a T7200 and replaced the slow stock HDD with a Momentus XT. Chose XP x64 in order to have a 64-bit OS with minimum overhead, but added Rainmeter and a custom theme. I liked the finished product so much I decided to keep it rather than flip it.

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