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cosmos 2 boreas 12 tec chiller 1200watt thermaltake psu mobo asus rampage extreme 775 scoket Q9650 8 gb patriot viper WD Raptor 600 gb water cooled through boreas cpu,nb,sb, vot reg mossfit need to speak to gost leader to oc

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I will load some pictures of my rig but it is not completed yet .I am running tow loops off the boreas chiller [cpu,nb,sban volt reg, .Old rampage extreme 775 . The board telles me that the cpu is 25C Nbis 30 C Sb is35C volt reg 33 c. Speccy tells me cpu 31C ? well I OC the ram but not at 1333 yet I followed , A man named ghost leader i really need his input on Oc this mobo.
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