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    Double Upload but owell Fire Strike Extreme 6th
  2. Port Royal.png

    Port Royal.png

    3DMark Port Royal 20th Used to be 11 :(
  3. Fire Strike Extreme.jpg

    Fire Strike Extreme.jpg

    3DMark Fire Strike Extreme 6th
  4. WildLife.png


    3DMark Wildlife 6th
  5. Fire Strike Ultra.png

    Fire Strike Ultra.png

    3DMark Fire Strike Ultra 11th
  6. AMD - General
    I now have two r9 290x that are not being used. What I would like to know is can I put one of the r9 290x along the side of my Vega 64 and do some type of crossfire. The r9 290x (x2) are four and a half years old i have not read up on crossfire in that many years. is it possible to do what i...