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  1. Want to Buy WTB TechN AMD block

    Cooling Products
    Hi, Just picked up another AMD setup and most of my blocks are Intel. Primarily interested in a TechN, but would consider other blocks like Heatkiller IV, Optimus or Velocity² Thanks!
  2. Currently Owned Antigen

    Refined, full AMD rebuild of my original Mutagen gaming PC. 5600X -> 5800X3D Titan Xp -> RX 6950XT 1TB Crucial P2 PCIe 3.0 NVMe -> 2TB WD_BLACK SN850X PCIe 4.0 NVMe Seasonic FOCUS GX-750W PSU -> Super Flower Leadex SE Platinum 1200W PSU

    Had nearly every gen Ryzen chips in my (personal builds 1700X, 3700X, 5800X) & (1600, 3600 in HTPC builds). I liked what I saw from Intel's hybrid architecture at this time. I decided that I wanted to try Raptor Lake at launch and DDR5 prices were finally reasonable so I decided to (rebuild my...
  4. AMD
    Hi all! As anybody did a washer mod on this card? I know is using a "thermal pad" so with paste it should need more pressure, any tip on the washer thickness?
  5. AMD - General
    Hello, I’m a super noob but I was inspired by a video of someone hitting 400fps on warzone . I know I don’t have the same exact setup as this person but I have something similar. I would like to maximize my frames on Warzone so I have a couple of questions if someone could please help me out...
  6. Monitors and Displays
    So far I've been using this monitor Asus vg278q with nvidia GPUs, and the Gsync functionality has been fine. However, I am considering AMD GPUs now so I was surprised to see that according to Asus this monitor supports Freesync Premium, which means it should have Low framerate compensation...
  7. Water Cooling
    Heyall! I've seen a few posts (primarily from this forum lol) regarding the water cooling and general cooling of this chipset before, but as they were several years old I didn't want to necro something really old. I received a desktop server unit from my old studio and while not top of the line...
  8. AMD CPUs
    I'm trying to stably overclock my CPU, and everything online suggests I should expect 3.9-4.1GHZ for a 1600AF depending on my luck. However, I am consistently getting my machine dying on 3.8GHz. I'm overclocking via the BIOS and the changes I made are: CPU Vcore 1.352v Clock ratio: stepped up...
  9. AMD - General
    5800x & B550(msi) Great combo, Auto works as expected. But there are a lot of bios options that have no description in the manual. his is a new build, following an intel build (which obviously different), but I've had a phenomX4 and an 8350 and this is making me run circles. 1:)If anyone can...
  10. Builds, Logs & Case Mods
    I've been acquiring parts for this build for a long time, unfortunately. My last computer I built here had the cpu IMC die probably due to the abusivve overclocks I ran on it. So to start the story I wanted to build an AMD machine when the 3000 series cpus came out but all the old x570s had...
  11. Hardware News
    RX 6800XT / 6900XT look mighty attractive at those price points.
  12. Cooling Products
    First item is a new Bitspower Premium Summit ELX. Compatibility for X399 and TRX40 platforms. Asking $79 USD shipped anywhere in the lower 48 states. Second item was only used for a day. It is a Bitspower CPU Block Summit ELX. It has aRGB and a coolant temp sensor LCD on the top of the block...
    $1 USD
  13. Cooling Products
    (3) blocks for sale. All for fitment on reference boards AFAIK, but I suppose you could check EK Cooling Configurator to see if any AIB models are compatible. EK-FC R9 Fury X w/ Backplate - Plexi/Nickel - $30 + ship (this block still has Fujipoly Ultra Extreme thermal pads in place) EK-FC...
    $30 USD
  14. New Members
    GWG007 I’d like to have your views on my building a computer specifically for running BOINC 34/7/365. This is my intended setup: F.D. Meshify 2XL Case AMD Ryzen 9 5950X CPU ASUS ROG Crosshair VIII w/Wi-Fi motherboard [2] EVGA RTX-2070Super & [1] EVGA RTX-3080 (10GB) GPUs (3 all together)...
  15. AMD
    I'm wondering if any you guys can help me with an undervolt/overclock? I done my own but all I get on firestrike is an almost perfectly average score. This is my overclock/undervolt. Ive tried playing about, moving things up. moving things down, stock clocks, but everything gives me average...
  16. AMD CPUs
    I have been working through various guides and methods to find the best outcome for my 5950x. I ended up settled on Clav's method and using these limits 300PPT, 221EDC, 165TDC. I've used Core cycler to set up my curve running one iteration on each core using all FFT's for SSE,AVX and AVX2. Vcore...
  17. Bought RX 6800

    Looking to buy a 6800 for around 450 euro (less if possible), the model doesn't really matter, just in good condition, maybe not used for mining 24/7 with god awful temps
    €450 EUR
  18. Air Cooling
    I got an old AMD RX 480. As you probably know, these cards are notorious for heating up really bad. Furthermore, I think I was very unlucky in the silicon lottery, because I had to undervolt a lot to keep a good temperature (as a side note, the card is a XFX GTR, which according to many...
  19. Water Cooling
    Hi everyone, I have a problem with my RX 6900 XT. I have a Custom system consisting of an EK Quantum Kinetic TBE 200 D5 (set to maximum) with 1 XSPC 360mm / 60mm radiator and another normal EK always 360mm The loop is composed: Pump-Radiator-GPU-Radiator-CPU-Pump For some time now I have been...
1-20 of 175 Results