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  1. Intel CPUs
    In this short overclocking review I will test the Intel 12th gen. Alder Lake Celeron G6900 CPU and it's IGP what they are capable of. Let's see the base performance with ASUS B660-F motherboard, As reference the first gen. AMD Llano APU in 2011 could do only 880 points in 3DMark11 in best...
  2. Intel Motherboards
    Hello Guys, I am coming from AMD and with Intel i have no experiences in the past 10 years. I already have on the way a 12400F CPU, but i am unsure what motherboard to buy. -I‘d like to overclocking, but 12400F is locked. Does it make sense to buy Z690 motherboard than?Or with BCLK i can still...
  3. AMD Motherboards
    I'm trying to compensate the spread-spectrum by increasing bclk, but for some reasons, having it at 101, lock my max cpu boost at 3.6Ghz. Is this a bios bug or some sort of "feature"? Anyway to fix it? PC in the signatures, 2600X one.
  4. Intel Motherboards
    MSI MEG Z390 ACE BIOS v1.6. The fluctuating BCLK can be glitchy and has caused significant issues in the past when overclocking. Sometimes it will glitch BCLK to 100.5 when tweaking CPU or RAM (XMP Boost "feature"). Only way to fix it is to trick the BIOS to 'reset' BCLK to default, otherwise...
  5. Intel Motherboards
    Hi, New here, hopefully you guys can help. Overclocked my board bus to 130, everything went fine until 'n overstretched a bit - had to take out the board's battery, it obviously went back to default. However, since then, the bclk stays at 100, doesn't matter what I do. Probably a setting of...
1-5 of 5 Results