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    Double Upload but owell Fire Strike Extreme 6th
  2. Port Royal.png

    Port Royal.png

    3DMark Port Royal 20th Used to be 11 :(
  3. Fire Strike Extreme.jpg

    Fire Strike Extreme.jpg

    3DMark Fire Strike Extreme 6th
  4. WildLife.png


    3DMark Wildlife 6th
  5. Fire Strike Ultra.png

    Fire Strike Ultra.png

    3DMark Fire Strike Ultra 11th
  6. Benchmarking Software and Discussion
    Hello, I am an amateur overclocker mostly on CPU and am currently working on a project of making a benchmarking software using Wolfram Language. My only experience of making an overclocking software is making a CPU stress test using C++ for my intro to C++ class (OpenMP kinda cheated me through)...
  7. Other Software
    OpenSystemBench is an open-source cross-platform benchmarking application written in C++. Currently, it is in a proof of concept beta state, but is fully functional in linux provided you have all required libraries. We are currently working on adding more portable extensive testing...