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    Monitor Samsung Odyssey G9 240Hz 5120x1440p HDR G-Sync 1000 Nit
  2. Monitors and Displays
    Does anyone know if the LG 34GK950G-B will support switching between two computers: a DisplayPort set with overclocking to 120hz for a PC, while a Mac is connected via HDMI, without the screen turning black overnight for the PC as recently happened with the AW3418DW that I had to return? If the...
  3. Video
    Looking to sell my AOC AGON AG352UCG, purchased new and have had it about a year and a half. Have loved the monitor just going back to a 27" monitor for the size of my desk and stuff it just works better for me. The monitor comes with the power supply and DP cable, it DOES NOT come with the...
  4. Monitors and Displays
    Just some fyi info, - I've played on nothing but 60hz all my life, and have no experience with seeing 144hz with/without G-Sync - I have an MSI 1060 6gb card so 1080p is all I care about I recently just sold a camera for about 425 bucks. I'd like to use that towards a new monitor, but would...
  5. Monitors and Displays
    Hey guys, recently I noticed a strange glitch with my LG 32gk850g that occurs randomly no matter what I do. I already tried to reinstall the video card drivers (gtx 980ti), change the cable, change the input, disabled g-sync and all I need it now is to test it with another pc. Should I ask...