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  1. Builds, Logs & Case Mods
    [UPDATED: 20 MAR 2023] About Me Born and raised in Ohio; I am a Process Engineer in the Plastics Injection Molding Industry. I’ve been in my position for 7 years and I’ve had the opportunity to travel to work on injection molding processes for all sorts of different parts. Some of the most...
  2. Memory
    Anyone know the best 64GB kit I can get? Figured Kingston Fury Beast 6000, I'm hoping for 7600 Minimum, SP 115 13900k, MSI Z790i Wondering if anyone has any experience, or seen anything
  3. Memory
    Question is, from everything I have read, that I might have an issue if I enable XMP in the BIOS I did upgrade the BIOS to 0704 (from 0204) but with CPU-Z and other apps that the DDR5 is only running at best 3400-3700 so far. Tonight was going to enable XMP, but now I am thinking I need to...
1-4 of 4 Results