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  1. HuckleBerry

    This is the most top of the line system I have ever owned, and not only is it top of the line I have also forced it to the line in terms of overclocking/ and power usage. Highlighted Features RTX 3090 StriX OC W/ Volt Mod for Vcore and Mem via ElmorLabs EVC2S 5950x was able to grab on LAUNCH 16...
  2. 20201120_165711[1].jpg


    MP5Works on Strix 3090 OC Bykski Block initial install
  3. 20201120_182938[2].jpg


    MP5Works Backplate Liquid Cooler on Bykski block and backplate
  4. 20201120_234458[1].jpg


    MP5Works on Strix Bykski Block with Backplate