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    Hello, I've a zotac 2080 under Watercooling, I was wondering to buy another one instead of a 3080 ti.... it's cheaper and I can fit it in my case... but I was wondering from someone who has this configuration, does it scale well? I've read a lot of peoples that says SLI is dead and the games are...
    Hello everyone. I am using Zotac RTX2060 Mini. I have a problem with the heatsink. I removed the thermal paste and pads of the gpu to renew it. However, the surface that corresponds to the VRM part and that I marked in the photos is out of place. They normally glued the part where we place the...
    Hi guys, I want to make a custom heatsink for my 3090 and I'd like to have the exact dimensions of the screws distances on the back. I need 3 dimensions like in the attached picture, A and B as hole center to hole center distance and C as hole diameter. Does anyone have them? Thanks
  4. Video
    Building a gaming rig to replace a 5 year old laptop. The laptop is clinging to it's life and holding steady as she can. I can find everything but a GPU to complete the build. Looking for an air-cooled 3060, 3070, or 3080. Prefer non-ti versions and I don't have the budget for a 3090. I don't...
  5. No image available
    Hello everyone, I have a Zotac RTX 2060 Amp model video card. I renewed the thermal pads and thermal paste. The average temperature I got in the Furmark test ranges from 72-76 degrees. Is this temperature normal? and It is at the same level in games. I have nothing to worry about, right? I will...
  7. NVIDIA Drivers and Overclocking Software
    Hello. I have an NVIDIA RTX 2080 Ti Founders Edition and I want to flash its BIOS in order to unbridle its Power Limit (and also to cool it by water-cooling). KFA2 RTX 2080 Ti OC BIOS seems to be the best choice for a reference PCB (KFA2 RTX 2080 Ti VBIOS) but I read here (https: /...
    What should be the lowest voltage when GPU is at idle. Can too low voltage mess with the chip?
  9. Monitors and Displays
    Hi, I'm currently using a TV as my monitor. It doesn't fit my desktop screen when setting the resolution to 1080p. So I tried messing with NVIDIA Control Panel settings and went to Adjust desktop size and position and enabled desktop resizing. It allows me to resize the screen but the resolution...
  10. Builds, Logs & Case Mods
    Here is my new system that I just finished the case mode. This is something that cooler master should have done. Adding the white to the case just make's the RGB sing. Next project will be to build a stand for it. Let me know what you all think.
  11. Custom CM H500m Gaming rig

    I use this for mostly gaming and sometime porn.
  12. Video
    Greetings all! Traded! This GPU is a little more than I need for gaming, so I'm actually looking to downgrade a bit. I was hoping to get a reference 3060 Ti / 3070, but I had no such luck. Is anyone interested in trading a GPU + cash for a BNIB (still shrink-wrapped) RTX 3070? It was ordered...
  13. AMD Motherboards
    Hello everyone, I am building a new system and I am still waiting on my GPU (RTX 3080) to arrive. I have found similar problems, but not as specific as mine... so sorry if this is a duplicate thread but I haven't found one that's the same. The problem I have with this system is the following...
  14. NVIDIA
    Hi! have this GPU since 2017 with the micron memory issue, VBIOS solution was launched and i flashed it, but the issue is not only when overclock, it crashes at stock GPU clocks. No artifacts, no BBSOD just games got frozen, sometimes audio keeps working or just glitching untill pc restarts. The...
  15. Rumors and Unconfirmed Articles
    If this is true then this will make shopping around for a gaming laptop a bigger hassle than it is now, wonder when eGPU's will become a thing? Source: NVIDIA will no longer differentiate Max-Q and Max-P mobile GeForce graphics cards - VideoCardz.com
  16. NVIDIA
    Using an old Palit GTS450 as display output for a little testbench, can I flash it with an ASUS bios to get more voltage/clocks? The card have an arctic low end cooler on it, the stock one broke years ago.
  17. NVIDIA
    I noticed that the power limit on this card is locked at 104% but from what I've observed it could easily hit 110%. Anyone out there know of bios flashing with this model? I've seen other makes have decent results from flashing their bios and was wondering if the same could be said for this...
  18. NVIDIA
    Hi, Recently i bought myself a project for fun and education. i bought a Asus ROG STRIX-GTX1080-O8G-GAMING the seller said it was stuttering in any game. now i tested it myself and yes the performance is really bad so i started to investigate and after opening gpu-z and looking at the sensors...
  19. NVIDIA
    Greetings, I am new to the world of graphics cards, and I am simply looking for some expert advice. I have recently bought some Nvidia 2080 Super's and I am looking to optimise them for performance, I understand that you need to Overclock/Undervolt them in order to do that... I was wondering...
1-20 of 76 Results