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  1. Other Components
    Looking for Optane drives (in US only). Specifically U.2 based drives, but Im interested in any optane. Thanks!
  2. Currently Owned The Blue Intel Build 2021

    Set out to build an attainable (at the time of purchase) computer that would suit my editing and gaming needs. Fast cpu? Yup. Insanely fast storage? Yup, and some decent memory and graphics too (including the onboard which is helpful when editing). This is a great upgrade to my venerable 8700k.
  3. SSD
    This is definitely farfetched, but has anyone tried connecting any of the Optane Cache (16/32GB) or 800p (58/118GB) drives to a "M2 to Sata" rerouting board, and then try to connect this to a regular SATA controller? Reason I even bothered asking about this is because the M2 spec for B and M...
1-4 of 4 Results