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  1. Mice
    So i don't really understand why but lmb started to behave weird today. It does not register clicks unless I hold it for like 0.3sec. I tried reinstalling it to my pc and tried it with another pc, still the problem remains. Hope someone knows how to deal with this issue here
  2. Currently Owned Spacestation Asuka

    Mainly use computer for work, virtual machines, surveillance, multiple cpu intensive applications. Also gaming, been trying to cop a 3090 since launch!
  3. Freebies
    Got this in the mail last week but I don't have an use for it so feel free to take it. If someone uses it please make me know so I can mark it as taken. :thumb:
  4. Mice
    Today a weird error showed up on my PC. When I started my PC, I noticed that my mouse cursor was very laggy/stuttering on the desktop. First I thought that it was the monitor's refresh rate, but whenever I changed the setting from 144hz to 120hz, back to 144hz, etc., I noticed that nothing...
1-4 of 4 Results