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    Full view of Lian Li 011 Dynamic XL
  2. First blood

    First blood

  3. Water Cooling
    OMG SHE'S USING PRIMOCHILL VUE??!!!! Yes, and bear with me it's only for a day or two so I can get cool pictures and a nice showcase video done with my new custom watercooled build. I've heard the problems with VUE and whether or not it's true, I won't be using it as a long time solution, more...
  4. Cooling Products
    Shipping: Small items (fittings, small blocks) add $10. Large items (radiators, fans) add $15. Will gladly do combo pricing when buying multiple items! If local in the Silver Spring, MD area, I'll take $10 off orders of $50\+ when doing local pickup and cash (to offset PP fees). 6x Blue LED...
  5. Water Cooling
    Hey Guys - I have a decent build which I use for pretty much everything you can think of - including gaming - sometimes with Oculus Rift. I recently looked at upgrading my hardware, but quickly realized that to get anything worthwhile, I'd have to replace the motherboard, CPU, RAM plus GPU...