The Minecraft Server “Ok” Minimum

I have been doing a minecraft server on my old and and only computer, while playing minecraft. Sorta makes it go crazy, so I put the game to minumim settings.

Intel I-5 650 (Dual Physical Core, Quad Logical Core, 3.2GHz- 3.456GHz)
12GB DDR3 1600 RAM (LAPTOP MEMORY, all in one with a desktop professor and laptop ram, Yes I know what your thinking)
HDD 1 TB 5,600 RPM
Intel HD Graphics (Screwed up, only uses 64 MB out of 1.7GB, have any solutions? Please PM me, I tried updating the BIOS)

I am planning on getting a new laptop (thank god) and I want to give this computer to my parents, while I use a rather old workstation of mine.

Intel Pentium D 9xx (At my grandmothers because she used it for a while because her PC broke)
2GB (512MBx4 DDR2 667)

I basically thing this could do a good job hosting a server with around a limit of 15 people with out erupting in flames. As it DOES have 4M Cache (impressive in my opinion considering how old it is)

But I NEED second opinions!!!! Will this be appropriate? Will it work long enough for when I YouTube on my newer laptop? Please comment or PM me so I could figure this out. Thank you!

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  1. Would you mind sharing what motherboard you are using in the i5 system? I might be able to help, although I am guessing you probably tried everything you could with it already. Also, be sure that you only wind up getting a laptop if you plan to take serious advantage of the portability of it, because you can make better use of a desktop for the same given price as a laptop otherwise.

  2. My experience with running a Minecraft server was that I would constantly get lag messages, although the game played fine. It was just 3 friends and I that used it. I first had it I ran it on a E8400 stock, with 4GB DDR2-800 desktop. The lag messages worried me. I've looked for minimum requirements. I believe it was something like 2Ghz dual core with 256MB RAM for 4-6(?) players. I sold that system, upgraded to a i5-3570k on a GA-H67N-USB3 mobo with 8GB of DDR3-1600. Still got those lag messages. Once Minecraft upgraded from 1.5 to 1.6 or 1.7, I couldn't see those messages anymore. For giggles, I tried running it on my OC'd FX8120 (@4.2Ghz) with 16GB of RAM. Same messages appeared. I gave up figuring it was always going to have some errors present. The guys eventually wanted to try Feed The Beast so I haven't had it running in almost a year now. Also, found that Java, or more importantly Minecraft is single threaded, pretty sure the server is too, so a fast dual core will do just fine. Your internet speed will be a factor. Often they complained of lag when I was downloading something on my other desktop.

    TLDR: I think your Pentium D w/2GB RAM should run the server just fine. Internet speeds will be a factor in player lag from my experience.

  3. With my experience, 2gb of ram is not enough, many of the clients experience client side frame lag from loading chunks because the server cannot keep up. Once I upgraded to 8gbs, everything was smooth as butter, the chip I was running was a Q9550 (E7500 before at 3.8Ghz, no notable improvement when upgraded to Q9550).

    But then again, I do have a bunch of plugins running constantly, so it would really depend on what you are running.

  4. Oh man that so funny i did run a 6 player minecraft server on a pentium m 1.6 single core with 512mb ram and it was starting to have problem to load stuff sometime but with bukkit and stuff…. Vanilla did run super well

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