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[£] q6600 1.2125 vid

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Would like to know what i can get for my Q6600 VID 1.2125 in GBP£££. Ive found a deal on a Q9650 that i would like to take but i need to get rid of this first. Ive had this chip boot at 4.2ghz and 4.0ghz stable is possible under decent water and a good board such as the UD3. Chip is also lapped. Also..any takers?
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£80-£90 I would say.

My Q6600 @ 1.25v went for £85 a few months ago.
Dam..im not sure if its worth selling now afterall. I mean i dont even utilize a 4.0ghz quad anyway..dam upgrade bug getting the better of me.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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