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£10 earbuds

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I need a £10 set of earbuds for my iPod. Only requirements other than the budget is that they do not have the style when one cable is a longer than the other one and they must come from either amazon.co.uk or play.com

I've been recommended these ones by ace but I was hoping there was something cheaper.
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Yeah, those AKG's seem to be OK, I mean it's hard to say really because I haven't heard them myself. If you really cannot spend any more than £10 though, then you could try the Koss Spark Plugs You can also pick the JVC Marshmellows up pretty much anywhere for £10 or under
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Originally Posted by razr7 View Post
get a sony at wal-mart.
Sponge... you should so totally fly to america.... go to wal mart and buy some...

Sucks not to be in "the only country that matters"

In all seriousness get some JVC Mashmallows, they are really nice
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I do like these, I was going to get some myself but I ended up getting the V-Moda Vibe instead.
These should fit the bill.

I use the FX-66s and I kick myself for not getting the 33s. Buy low, mod high
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