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£2000 or $3000 new rig. Help needed.

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Right so here it goes and the more input the better.

I will have £2000 to build my first rig if I have to stretch a little more thats ok, I have a good water cooled pc now but its an Acer and not to happy about o/c ing, but want to build MY own. And as its my first Im going to need some help.

Requirements are must be good for o/c as my present isnt too good.

I use for gaming(ULTRA HIGH SETTINGS A MUST!, internet, music, movies.

Also I dont want something that I cannot upgrade and will be way behind in 1year. I have bought too many pc's in the last 5 years that go under or are left behind the times within a year or so.

Once I have enogh input I will go ahead and build and post everything on here so any other newbies can see what I do and what mistakes I make.

Once last thing, I am 40 years young and not just out of Uni.
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Total waste of money with the current rig. Wait another 2 years or so.
I'd save some money, unless you want to include a 30" display($1000) in the purchase.

2600K ~$330
p67 mobo ~$200
16 GB RAM ~$250
6970 + 6990 trifire ~$1000
psu ~$250
ssd ~$250

I agree with juhan, though. He has a good point.

If I had your hardware and were simply wanting to buy something, I'd upgrade the gpu and get multiple displays.
With such a big budget I would wait for Bulldozer/Ivy Bridge.
Whats wrong with the rig you have right now? You have an i7 quad and a nice gpu, just buy a 590 or a 6990 if you want to burn some cash.

Otherwise spend it on a nice new mechanical keyboard or a mouse, try out some high end mouse pads, or a plasma tv or IPS monitor.

If you want to improve your experience that's where you should start, with some high quality accessories.
go for 2 590's, watercooling on the gpu's, mobo, and cpu, new case, and a new PSU. Maybe some modding, you have a good platform right now mate, just make it better
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bulldozer, your current pc is more than enough
Problem is o/c. I cannot get stable over 3.8. Multiplier is locked and I would really like to build my own. I can sell my pc for a decent amount now and put the funds towards my own build.

I can wait but after the wait there will be something else, there always is. I started on the zx 80 then the zx81(What a leap, and it was) to the bbc micro.

My point is. I want to build my own that has my flaws and I am proud of.
Who made your PC? If it's a dell or an hp tower then chances are they used a ****ty motherboard that is causing you not to be able to overclock, what kind of water cooling are you using?

NVM I see the problem here: http://www.coated.com/acer-releases-...lesson-100172/

If you sell it as a bundle to someone on crags list or something you could probably get a bit more than it is actually worth. People will see 6gb of ram and think that its a really good computer.

I don't blame you for wanting to build you own.

Here are some recommendations:

Case: Nice case with good cable managment and room for lots of fans, also noise proofed. Also comes in black or silver.

CPU: obviously a 2500k or a 2600k if your buying right now.

Video card: up to you either a 570/580 or a 6950/6970 depending on your preference.

Cooling: an H50 water cooler should do fine

Motherboard: ASUS P8P67 Evo, because of EFI BIOS (supports 3+ tb hard drives)

Then just but a couple TB worth of hard drive space, maybe a SSD and your all set. I know your probably not shopping in Canada but you can use the links as a reference on whatever store you use.

EDIT: Ya I know you could spend like 800~1000$ and get a 6990 or a 590 but I really can't recommend anyone buy those. The 580 is 500$ and its a great performing card. There's lots of other things you can spend money on that will make a bigger difference such as a expensive high quality mouse or a mechanical keyboard.
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Haha alrite mate, I'll give you a few insights

Motherboard: This is the center of your build & I highly suggest you do the research on which motherboard will fit your needs better, because I believe even if someone suggests a motherboard to you, eventually in the end it'll be the time you take to do research and read reviews that'll lead you to buying the right one to fit you well. There's so many different features on so many different motherboards, some people need certain features others don't so you'll have to do the homework yourself here as I suggest.

CPU: Depends on what you do, I say as of right now the Sandybridge i72600k is gonna serve your purpose well and you probably won't have to upgrade for a long while(Although your current i7-950 probably won't need upgrading either) I say spend the extra 100 so dollars on the i72600k(Just because you might just need hyperthreading later)

RAM: Get any set of the new G-Skill Ripjaws X Series(They are great overclocking ram, like so everyone suggests something 1600mhz or higher, but I say this is overclocking & the whole purpose of overclocking is to get free performance =] Get a set of 1333mhz ram and Overclock them HIGHER!) If so I must suggest the G-Skill RipjawsX 1333mhz 8gigabyte dual channel CL7 kit_ (You see all those fancy numbers on the ram? well the lower they are the better the performance of the ram kit is, easiest way to explain ram timings to newcomers, without saying too much) 1333mhz at 7-7-7-21 will outperform 1333mhz at 9-9-9-24, well you get the idea.

Storage: You must get an SSD(Even if you have the fastest CPU in the world, having a slow storage device don't do you any good) For now I recommend the Crucial C300, I find it wasteful to go above 128gigabyte, just because most of your data or programs that you rarely use can always be move/install to a Regular Harddrive.

Power Supply: Theres too much you have to account for before picking one out, I suggest you ask some of the PowerSupply Guru's on the forum, they'll lead you towards the right way.

VideoCard: Get one GTX580, enough said =] or SLi two of them, In all seriousness there really is no point in even getting two unless you play on multiple monitors or have a HUGE HUGE screen you play on. Too much is never a bad thing, but too much money wasted can hurt you at the end of the day when you feel like your investment is wasted and not put to use. I know that feeling all too well.

PC Case: This is where features and personal likings come into play, you really have to research and review which PC Case will fit your needs more, You get one you don't like and it'll ruin the entire PC Build, I really believe that the PC Case makes or breaks the build, you can't fall in love with the PC if you can't stand to look at it lol.

Thats all I really have to input on this subject_ again, do your homework, put together a build, list the parts you are looking at and ask others for their suggestions on if you should replace an item, or keep an item.

**Edit_ As always, don't be afriad to save some money and get some used PC gear from the marketplace area on here, I personally think spending the least amount of money to achieve a great build is always a successful build =]

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