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Originally Posted by Jtchal View Post

Nice work you've done there. I'm also looking forward to seeing some finalised pictures

I have a question about how you went on mounting the grill to the chassis.
Really liking the look of the socket head screws to hold the fan, but how did you mount the grill itself?
Are there any vibrations? Any padding used?
Haha I'm sorry for all the questions but I think it looks very neat and would probably would look at doing the same on my Lian Li PC-V1000 mod.
Are you asking how I mounted the grill in the picture you quoted? There are 4 screws at the corners of the grill (the pan style socket head screws) and nuts holding it all together. I don't have any padding and there isn't any vibrations with the gentle typhoons. I haven't tested with higher RPM fans though.
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