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1:1 or high fsb

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hi there just oc,d my e2160 to 3.oghz stable and im running 2x1gb 800mhz ddr2 i want to know if its best to run them with a 1:1 divider at 667 mhz or is it best (for performance) to eun them at there 800mhz or higher speed??

as i want the best performance out of me budget build? cheers
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well from wat i have read ur ram is underclocked and not running to its base spec. there is a table floating round here somewhere can someone put it in a link for me. i dont know how to lol
Put the ram dividers at 1:1 untill you get ur MAX CPU overclock and then start playin with the ram speeds.
ok cool cheers but wen iv got max oc on cpu is ram total ram speed better then a 1:1 ratio?? its just a read in pc mart that if you were going for a 333fsb cpu that anything over 667ddr2 was pointless??? but i dont beleve every thing i read which is why im here for a proper answer! cheers
As was said above, max the processor first, then raise the RAM speed. Measure each step with Everest or SiSoft Sandra, and you'll see what differences are reached.
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