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1.31 vcore @ 3.6Ghz

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question for you guys, i'm doing a build for my father and on his 920 i cant get stable at 3.6Ghz unless i'm at 1.31 at the vcore.. i have another 920 to replace it with....do you think maybe the one i'm trying to use is just off a bad batch?
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add more vcore, voltages to northbridge and mch, and see where that goes.

not all chips are made equal
Yeah that seems kinda high for only 3.6. If you can then I would replace it, but first you should see if you are not raising enough of other volts like QPI.
thanks guys im sitin pretty now at 1.29 vcore, whats the typical rangs for QPI you see? i have it at 1.30625...
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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