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$10 wireless router at Compusa

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Now all you fools that are trying to run crossover cables, and setting up bridging, don't have any excuses for not having a router. Make sure you get the latest firmware, and it should be stable for you. My buddy at work bought this router a while ago, and he hasn't had any issues with it. His only compaint is the 30 second reboot time when changing settings. Kind of annoying, but it shouldn't be an issue after you get it all set up.
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If you can afford it, why wouldn't anybody have a router on their network? Far better than just connecting computers together without one... I've had my ADSL Router modem for well over 18 months and it's great for my two ( once four
) home computers to share my broadband internet connection and files etc...

If you don't have a router on your home network, it really is worth getting one.

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damn why do these places never deliver to teh UK
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^lol, because it's compUSA
Frys always has this stuff cheap... sometimes at $5
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