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100 rep,and nearly a year's membership

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I got my 100th rep earlier and was thinking to myself how much I've learned over the lat 10 months.I've gone from being a complete n00b to know a useful amount about PC's.After looking back at my first thread I realize how much more I know.None of this would have been possible to all the awesome OCN members and staff.Here's to many more years of computing happiness
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Originally Posted by meticadpa
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Congrats dude.

And you've been here for over a year!

So I have..damn it was late when I typed this lol
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Well Done!!
Good job broski keep it up and maybe you will get a cookie!
I agree! I have been here a little longer, although haven't posted as much, but I have read alot of the guides here and It's a brilliant resource to have stumbled upon!
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