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1000 posts, girls birthday, car parts, website, just an awesome day

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having a totally awesome day.

1000 posts (close), @ 79 rep.

girls birthday so dinner and either movies or glendale glitters (christmas light presentation in a park) - thoughts? movies or lights?

got my promotions company back up and runnin after a year of downtime, a show set up, house venue built (10'x16' stage), pa system acquired and most lighting is installed. goodjobrecords.com

got 4 fuse blocks for the 64' vw type 1 im building - been a 3+ year project now that i've poored my money, heart, and soul into.

discovered some awesome bands over last couple days - mainly LM(F)(A)O (no parenthesis, its the band name, honest), and shiny toy guns.
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Nice. I vote for the lights in the park and if you have a nice dig cam that takes good night shots w/a tri pod then get some shots of you two in the park. pics last a lifetime a movie is only for the moment and is gone once you walk out of the theature. Save your money on the movey and put it towards a nice Christmas gift for her.

Most important is to have fun and be safe out there.

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+1 for lights in the park.
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