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1055t solution good idea?

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Hey guys, while I have thought of water cooling for quite some time, I actually suddenly have a itch too. My 212+ isn't really doing what it should (unfix-able bad mount) and I just love building PCs and water cooling sounds fun.

Thing is: I have a small case. I am sure I could fit a reservoir and pump above the HDD bays in my storm scout. Howver, I do want to Crossfire my 6850s and am wondering if this would cause any sort of pressure/heat issues. Also, how expensive would this loop cost roughly?

And why not WC the vidya cards instead??

Thanks in advance.
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Most gpu blocks are 100ish for a full cover one so 200ish there. Plus a pump,rad,res(cheap option is just a T-line), fans, barbs, tubing, ptnuke/killcoil.

Depending on components used you are looking at around 400 on the low end.

Your question is a bit obscure are you looking to WC your cpu and 2 gpus? As for space there is always external mount options and modding.
If you are going to cool your GPU's with the CPU that would be around $400 on the cheaper side of things.....

You would need GPU blocks (usually in the $100 range for fullcover), Pump, radiator, reservoir (Could always just use a fillport), fans for the rad, barbs/compression fittings, tubing, PT Nuke/Killcoil.

You can always mount the radiator out the back of your case. I would recommend using Swiftech's Radbox. There is always modding.

Another good option that is cheaper is to get a kit.

I would recommend getting a XSPC Rasa RX360 kit.
Then if you are cooling GPUs+CPU I would just get some blocks with the kit.

Your question at the bottom of your post is a little difficult for me to understand...
Could you explain what you mean?
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For CPU only a Rasa RX 240 kit is perfect $170usd. For CPU and 1 GPU a RX360 kit plus a full cover gpu card will put you at $200 for the kit and about 200 for the cards so about 400 total plus the barbs for the gpu blocks ~340$ . That is probably the best bang for your buck you will get.
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