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1080x1024 Resolution on a 27-inch LCD TV

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Needless to say, it looks like ****. That's the highest resolution I can get on this TV without the screen going black and giving me a no signal message. Anyone know why? Stuck with using my TV as a monitor until my real monitor gets sent back from the company.
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Originally Posted by Modd3d;14174951
No, it just sucks. Cmon. 1360x768 on a TV this big? >.<
I used a 32'' 720p and 26'' 720p as a monitor for a while.What I came to realize is the intended viewing distance is farther away than what we use them for as monitors.As televisions they look good from 8+ feet away.As monitors and the viewing from 2 feet away they aren't going to look as good as we would like.I liked one as a monitor due to the large screen but realized it just wasn't made for that purpose.
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