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1080x1024 Resolution on a 27-inch LCD TV

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Needless to say, it looks like ****. That's the highest resolution I can get on this TV without the screen going black and giving me a no signal message. Anyone know why? Stuck with using my TV as a monitor until my real monitor gets sent back from the company.
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What exactly are you using this for? xbox or PC? or dvd/tv?

If your hooking up your PC to it, thats exactly why it doesnt look good. i have a 42" 1360x768 tv, and i used to use my pc on it before i got my monitor when i started my build. TVs just arent ment for desktop browsing or whatever, the pixels are HUGE compared to a monitor. My 22" is 1920x1080, and my 42" tv 1360x768 - the pixels must be 5x the size on my tv than on my computer screen lol. if i stand close, i can actually see three horizontal lines on each signal displaying red blue and green colours each.

Maybe you have a setting munched on your tv, try resetting it to factory settings - it could possibly be set up to convert a HD signal to a SD signal or something....
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