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1090T windows XP

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Ok before lighting me on fire
this will not be a setup to use permanently.

But I have one machine with a DVD drive in it. I'm setting up a computer for a friend that we'll swap out a drive from his old computer into. So i'm trying to install XP onto the drive from my own machine before the transplant occurs. But even with stock settings in BIOS... no OC regular cool n quiet as the DVD is " Starting Windows " it jumps to BSOD. My sig has all my components, is this just an XP issue? My friend is gonna get the 2nd rig the 3.4 rana 3/4 core.

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Sorry folks, apparantely i can't read today and missed the big red line at the top of the forum where to not post BSOD issues. If it needs to be moved please do so (admin) but I guess i'm not trying to diagnose really just asking if someone knows of an XP limitation on hardware.

Well took my DVD drive outta the main rig and put it in the 2nd rig and setup ran without a hitch! please close /delete/ pay no attention to this thread!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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