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10in rack project

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Hi Overclock community!

hello from Toronto ON.

I'm Mike and I'm new to the OC forum. I was recommended by a nice person from RFD forums. Just wanted to share a project I'm currently doing and see if I can get feedback from my fellow tech enthusiasts.

As with many of you for sure have taken interest into setting up their own dream home labs and upgrading to pro-sumer or enterprise grade rackmount equipment. It certainly looks nice and high end but its really takes so much space especially in the home.

So my research led me to see if there are any standards for half width racks. Apparently there was an effort by Extron and Middle Atlantic to establish a half rack standard but it didnt go anywhere. We also have the 10inch width one that is popular in telco installs in europe/uk. they dont have the same sizes =(

So like some of you, i got frustrated with the lack of half rack options available here, DIY 3d printing should be fun but many would want a polished look. So I decided to venture and design my own. I went for the 10inch one since these are more for homelab/telco stuff and the M.A and extron ones are more for AV.

So introducing for the first time, 1u to 4u half width vertical mounts. This can fit the 10in width patch panels and rack shelves. I had some prototypes made.

Now that its out there, let me know what you think guys :) I'm still thinking what to do next, should I start a kickstarter?

I have other ideas as well:
10in racks adapter for lenovo tiny/imac mini
10in racks for 5-1/4 drive bay (useful for 4 bay 5-1/4 enclosures)
10in rack trays
(suggestions welcome)

Looking forward for everyone's thoughts :)