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1100t Stable at 4.0, want 4.2

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I got my CPU stable at 4 GHz a couple days ago, but I used to have it at 4.2 GHz. It became unstable when I installed my new GPU and sound card, and I was wondering if you guys had any ideas.

1100t Stable at 4.0 GHz with 1.42 V Core.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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Originally Posted by Grenchler;14226134
Stable for 12 Hours with Prime95 running. No problems at all at 4.0
That's good to know but i meant the CPU/NB you know the link between the cpu and the memory controller.. stock is 2000mhz you might wanna increase that instead of trying to reach 4.2ghz you will notice better performance if you do get it up to like 2.6-2.7 ghz. I was in the same situation my CPU needs 1.42 V for 4.0ghz and just for going 4.2 needs about 1.5 but If you increase the CPU/NB you get the same speed as running 4.2 ghz hope this helps if now increase the CPU V a bit. By the way you are using the multiplier only right?

Also how hot does it get?
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