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1100t Stable at 4.0, want 4.2

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I got my CPU stable at 4 GHz a couple days ago, but I used to have it at 4.2 GHz. It became unstable when I installed my new GPU and sound card, and I was wondering if you guys had any ideas.

1100t Stable at 4.0 GHz with 1.42 V Core.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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Originally Posted by guitarmageddon88
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Well I got the 1090t in may of last year. Only reason I didnt keep it was the 6 core on a board that wasnt meant for it didnt mix too well
I just got the 1100t last week. Im in the middle of testing right now of 4113mhz at 1.54v. Yea, I know thats super high. I think my way to still utilize that speed and not cause unneeded harm to my components after prolonged stress under 1.54v is just to use turbo core to those speeds/voltages. As a side note, if I do use turbo core for 4113 at 1.54, does that mean when its clocked back to 3.3 or whatever, it goes back to stock voltages?

my idle temps on overclock of 4ghz+ have stuck around 19 degrees, maybe 18 if its cold inside. At defaults, she idles at like 16. Even under load at 4113 with 1.54v I just kiss 56

1.54v?, is that at load? Damn that's high....
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