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The 11th BOINC Pentathlon gets underway in a few days. https://www.overclock.net/forum/365...1th-boinc-pentathlon-may-5th-19th-2020-a.html

We had a bit of a drop in the standings last year, so if anyone has spare CPU cycles they would like to add to the team, that would be awesome.

Overview of the event:
What is this event all about?

The BOINC Pentathlon is a two week long BOINC team competition. Five different projects will be crunched over the two week period.

The BOINC Pentathlon consists of 5 disciplines:

  1. Marathon (14 days)
  2. Sprint (3 days)
  3. City Run (5 days)
  4. Cross Country (5 days)
  5. Javelin (5x1 day, only each team's third best daily score counts)

The fun and challenging aspect of the Pentathlon is resource management. The 5 "disciplines" are run over a 14 day period, so each "discipline" overlaps another discipline. Figuring out what to run, and when to run it, is what makes the Pentathlon a unique and challenging BOINC points race.

  • Run-times and projects for each discipline are announced 5 days (Marathon and one other project) or 3 days (Sprint and one other project) before their respective start. Each day of Javelin Throw will be announced three days in advance. Announcements can be found on the, main page, via Blog, or Feed .
  • This allows some time to stock up on completed WU's, but it can also be dangerous if you forget to turn in the completed tasks before the deadline. It also adds another twist to resource management, if you are trying to stockpile WU's, while simultaneously running the current active disciplines.
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