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120mm Blue LED Fans Question...

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Does any one know where I can get some 120mm x 25mm fans, that have blue leds, and have a on/off switch for them? They are going to replace the antec900 stock fans, I want to be able to turn the lights on and off while I am a sleep.


And if there is a mod to do it, I was looking at getting 4 of these:



And would this be a good fan to replace my TuniqTowers fan with?


It seems nice, and has a high rpm.
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I just got a couple of those LED Yate Loons from Petra's last week. I'm not all that impressed with them. Frozencpu.com has a higher CFM version for slightly cheaper.
70 CFM LED Yate Loons
get some antec tricool fans that are on sale at svc.com for $4.99 each. they move a lot of air.

How do those compare to the stock 120mm antec fans?
If you want to mod them so you can turn them off check out this video by tjharlow on youtube.

And then just wire in a rocker switch and put it in one of the empty bay covers and presto. I did this and I have half of a 8 position block running 7v and the other 12v so I can take non rheostated fans and run them at less than 12v off the 4 pin Molex

Originally Posted by Sullivan
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How do those compare to the stock 120mm antec fans?

the tricool fans have a 3 speed switch on them low,med.& high. you can set them to what you want them to run.
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Ya, but how is there performance? And my antec 900 has 4 stock fans, each have a low-med-high fan speed.
The stock fans are tri-cools, same performance. Unless Antec unwittingly sells a different tri-cool with cases vs single fans.
Thanks, I don't think I will be upgrading my case fans then, still i get around 60$. There are some cold cathode fans that have an on/off switch, which would be awesome.
To bad that video has no sound, its been muted by youtube...
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