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120mm SCYTHE Slip Stream 1900rpm fan.

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Ok I don't like the noise of this fan so I will give it away. It moves ALOT air.

Same as the pic. I even got it from frozen.

35 rep min or 250 posts.
Winner will be chosen March 28th.
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In please.

Originally Posted by GeforceGTS
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You sure it's not a slipstream?

Opps yup. I got confused I just bought a ultra kaze and well I was thinking of both at the same time.
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I'm in. *SlyFox
another fan giveaway?
count me in

gotta replace my front raidmax fan *eww
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I love noise, I'll take it!
Count me in please!
Pick me!

I'm looking for a fan to move a serious amount of air, these stock fans don't do too well.
I need this!!!
woot have over 250 posts count me in - bobfig
1 - 20 of 125 Posts
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