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What is this event all about?

The BOINC Pentathlon is a two week long BOINC team competition. Five different projects will be crunched over the two week period.

The BOINC Pentathlon consists of 5 disciplines:
  1. Marathon (14 days)
  2. Sprint (3 days)
  3. City Run (5 days)
  4. Cross Country (5 days)
  5. Javelin (5x 1 day, only each team's third best daily score counts)

The fun and challenging aspect of the Pentathlon is resource management. The 5 "disciplines" are run over a 14 day period, so each "discipline" overlaps another discipline. Figuring out what to run, and when to run it, is what makes the Pentathlon a unique and challenging BOINC points race.

  • Run-times and projects for each discipline are announced 5 days (Marathon and one other project) or 3 days (Sprint and one other project) before their respective start. Each day of Javelin Throw will be announced three days in advance. Announcement times for all of the disciplines except the Marathon will vary to account for geographic differences in the teams. Announcements can be found on the, main page, via Blog, or Feed.
  • This allows some time to stock up on completed WU's, but it can also be dangerous if you forget to turn in the completed tasks before the deadline. It also adds another twist to resource management, if you are trying to stockpile WU's, while simultaneously running the current active disciplines.

New to BOINC?
Check out the BOINC Essentials Thread for information about BOINC, how to install and use the BOINC client, and what projects are available on the BOINC platform.

Promote the BOINC Pentathlon in your forum signature!
[CENTER][URL=https://www.overclock.net/threads/12th-boinc-pentathlon.1778367/post-28779634][B]12th BOINC Pentathlon - May 5th-19th, 2021[/B][/URL][/CENTER]

OCN Final Overall Ranking: 11th

Disciplines to crunch:

[email protected]
OCN Final Ranking - 15th

Starts: 5/5
Ends: 5/19

Sprint: [email protected]
OCN Final Ranking - 13th

Starts: 5/15
Ends: 5/18

City Run: PrimeGrid
OCN Final Ranking - 11th

Starts: 5/8
Ends: 5/13

Cross Country: [email protected]
OCN Final Ranking - 9th

Starts: 5/11
Ends: 5/16

Javelin Throw: World Community Grid: Microbiome Immunity Project
OCN Final Ranking - 17th

Project Choosing Rules
The rules for choosing projects are the same as for last year's Pentathlon.

  • The projects will be chosen by the event organizers
  • Projects from last year's Pentathlon are eligible for this year's Pentathlon
  • There may be more than one GPU project

To have your individual stats for the Pentahlon sign up and fill out the form at the following link:

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No individual user stats for WCG. A few projects are a little bit off, due to some updating issues.

Marathon - [email protected]
k4m1k4z3 | 805,905
tictoc | 794,392
mmonnin | 631,666
bfromcolo | 281,598
spdaimon | 168,663
Doc_Gonzo | 124,529
OCNfranz | 90,309
Starbomba | 34,071

City Run - PrimeGrid
k4m1k4z3 | 58,068,811
OCNfranz | 23,837,156
tictoc | 15,836,815
spdaimon | 7,921,063
mmonnin | 7,618,460
bfromcolo | 7,455,168
bloodcountess | 7,031,906
Doc_Gonzo | 3,249,644
Starbomba | 2,551,847
Jewfro | 12,844
ToyMachine | 3,411
Cross Country - [email protected]
tictoc | 79,247,605
mmonnin | 21,424,305
bfromcolo | 7,094,855
OCNfranz | 4,943,850
k4m1k4z3 | 4,579,715
spdaimon | 2,252,250
Doc_Gonzo | 1,853,775
deegon | 1,174,635
Starbomba | 651,420
Tex1954 | 304,905
2002_dunx | 194,040
Ryan | 147,093
crispyman | 33,000
cabigepatch | 2,000
Sprint - [email protected]
mmonnin | 593,580
tictoc | 579,348
bfromcolo | 253,370
Larsl | 220,220
Doc_Gonzo | 107,622
Fury1184 | 74,230
k4m1k4z3 | 71,834
OCNfranz | 44,204

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Project Specific Notes and Tweaks


[email protected]
  • SiDock tasks have a two day deadline, so be sure to wait until May 3rd to download tasks. Also, if you are holding any tasks during the Marathon, don't forget to get the tasks uploaded before the 2 day expiration.
Javelin Throw
World Community Grid
  • Only the Microbiome Immunity Project tasks will count for Pentahtlon Points
  • There is an issue with some Linux distros running this project. Many (most?) all tasks will segfault and error out. This seems to be only affecting some rolling release distros like Arch (and it's derivatives) and Gentoo.

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Looks like SiDock is the Marathon project this year.

Society. The BOINC Pentathlon team selected [email protected] as this year's Marathon project. The Marathon discipline is announced on 30 April and runs for two weeks from 05 through 18 May.

Fairly short deadlines, so I guess no harm announcing it 6 days early.

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I was just about to post this.

The deadlines are 3 days, so the early announcement won't really matter at all. Even if it was announced on 4/30, teams would have had to wait until 5/2 to start grabbing work. It also sounds like the project will be down for a few days before the Pent while they move to a larger server.

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I signed up as well

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Is it that time of the year again? I'm in!
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