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12v Connector?

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Has anyone heard of the 12v Connector on the motherboard to go bad?? Because I think mine did. I booted up with my 550w Rosewill after switching out motherboards. I, then, got no response from video. I thought it could be my video card. I tried the on-board card and it worked(had to wait like 5 mins till any video showed up) I looked under my voltage settings and the 12v read 4-6v's. I was like O___O! I thought my Rosewill had one bad rail on it. ( had the thing for 3-4 years i think) So I went to BB and bought a BFG 550. Came home installed it and used the onboard card. Well took another 5mins..... and wouldn't you know, it showed 4-6v's on the 12v reading.... So i'm guessing either the voltage reader ( i think that's what you would call it
!!) or the mobo it self is bad. I already sent a RMA request and it was approved but before I send it back I want your guys opinions.

Motherboard is this one http://www.newegg.com/Product/Produc...2E16813131366R

Thank you!
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Download everest ultimate and see what the voltages say there if you get the same reading then the RMA is in your future. But, before you do try the out of case boot up just to be sure.
No it still didn't work.. :/ Still saying 5 or 6 v's...
!! Well Time to go to by backup system till it gets here! (2600 athlon XP, 1gb of ram, and a 4200Ti Videocard...)
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