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13th BOINC Pentathlon | May 5th -19th 2022

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What is this event all about?

The BOINC Pentathlon is a two week long BOINC team competition. Five different projects will be crunched over the two week period.

The BOINC Pentathlon consists of 5 disciplines:
  1. Obstacle Run (14 days, with bonus credits on 3 one-day obstacles)
  2. Sprint (3 days)
  3. City Run (5 days)
  4. Cross Country (5 days)
  5. Javelin (5x 1 day, only each team's third best daily score counts)

The fun and challenging aspect of the Pentathlon is resource management. The 5 "disciplines" are run over a 14 day period, so each "discipline" overlaps another discipline. Figuring out what to run, and when to run it, is what makes the Pentathlon a unique and challenging BOINC points race.

Announcements and start times will vary for each of the disciplines. This makes managing what projects are running, and when to start and stop running the projects, on of the fun and challenging aspects of the Pentathlon.

New to BOINC?
Check out the BOINC Essentials Thread for information about BOINC, how to install and use the BOINC client, and what projects are available on the BOINC platform.

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[CENTER][URL=https://www.overclock.net/threads/wip-13th-boinc-pentathlon-may-5th-19th-2022.1798250/][B]13th BOINC Pentathlon - May 5th-19th, 2022[/B][/URL][/CENTER]

OCN Final Overall Ranking: 14

Disciplines to crunch:

Obstacle Run:
[email protected]
OCN Final Ranking - 12

Starts: 5/5
Ends: 5/19

Sprint: SRBase
OCN Final Ranking - 17

Starts: 5/13
Ends: 5/16

City Run: [email protected]
OCN Final Ranking - 10

Starts: 5/14
Ends: 5/19

Cross Country: PrimeGrid
OCN Final Ranking - 15

Starts: 5/9
Ends: 5/14

Javelin Throw: [email protected]
OCN Final Ranking - 14

  • 1st Throw
    • Starts: 5/7
    • Ends: 5/8
  • 2nd Throw
    • Starts: 5/9
    • Ends: 5/10
  • 3rd Throw
    • Starts: 5/12
    • Ends: 5/13
  • 4th Throw
    • Starts: 5/16
    • Ends: 5/17
  • 5th Throw
    • Starts: 5/18
    • Ends: 5/19

Project Choosing Rules
The rules for choosing projects are the same as for last year's Pentathlon.

  • The projects will be chosen by the event organizers
  • Projects from last year's Pentathlon are eligible for this year's Pentathlon
  • There may be more than one GPU project

To have your individual stats for the Pentahlon sign up and fill out the form at the following link:
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Discussion Starter · #42 · (Edited)
All the GPUs. City Run is [email protected] Looks like I'll be changing up a few things I just switched over. o_O

-Edit- The Einstein server is only spitting out a few tasks at a time. Going to be pretty much impossible at the current rate to load up any kind of a bunker. I do have 500 tasks, but those were just the tasks I had queued up from my usual Einstein crunching that I paused when the Pent started. (n)

· Once more into the Fold
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Its a logistical nightmare, but Im not mad at the GPU projects because Im CPU weak. When I upgrade the rigs more cores are on the agenda. In the past the rigs were just for folding so cheapest CPU, mobo, ram I could find and the best GPUs I could afford. Now that I am running a lot more BOINC I need upgrades in the CPU and RAM departments.

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Well numberfields screwed me with the longer tasks. I had my bunkers set perfectly but now they are taking almost twice as long. Unfortunately I have let them run the rest of the night before I can switch projects. There are too many and I wont abort just to get some points elsewhere. On the plus side I think we are doing pretty good for 3 active members.

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I have 1048 Universe completed that did not upload today. I suspended the project for now, hopefully they will upload as things settle down between bonus and I can get credit for them then.

Uploaded my 80 SRBase tasks and am running that now on one system.

I'll have 200 Einstein to upload when that starts tomorrow.

· aka Fury1184
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Gosh darn it! I forgot about this and was just wondering when this was starting. My account was signed out too for some reason. I feel dumb now. What can I throw cores at for the last day or two? The marathon?

· aka Fury1184
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Guess thier servers are having issues? Got some work done, but now unable to download or upload anything.
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