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14 Google Wave invites

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Well I'm going to give away half of my google wave invites. I figured this was a good number so that I would still have a few left to give to friends and family over time.

I've had the account since the end of September, and I haven't exactly found a use for wave yet as it is still a rather limited release. However, you may find something you like and will use.

There are 14 invitations to give.


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Don't already have a wave account (I'd rather increase the user base instead of handing out multiple accounts to others).

Ends: Tuesday 1-DEC-09 at around 12:00 PM PST

There's a lot of these around so hopefully there's still a few more people who are interested. I'll use randomizer to pick 14 of the posts in this thread for invites and send you a PM to get your e-mail.


Please don't post unless you're interested in the invite, it'll make my job easier when I go to hand out invitations. Thanks!
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I'll take one. I'm interested in anything google releases at this point as everything of theirs has been a huge success (mostly)
in please
in. thanks!

Oh oh oh!! I have been trying REALLY hard to find one of these
Definitely in

If i win I'll make sure to spread the love around OCN

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Hey im in

This could be useful.

[email protected]
and thanks for the offer
Any left?
If you have any invites left over, I'd love it!
I assume you're out of invites but because you haven't said that you are, sign me up next.
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